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 If there is no damage for the body Fibrolief to deal with there is no need for the brain to interpret any signal in the first place. Unfortunately this is probably the least effective method as it is nearly impossible to live ones life without some kind of damage that will cause pain.
Step One - in the first 48 hours use ice. Ice the area Fibrolief of pain for 10 minutes, then rest for 10 minutes. Repeat this 3 times. Do this as often as you can in those first 48 hours. Along with ice you need to keep moving as much as possible. This does not mean going for a run, it means walking. Either around your home or property. Only if it doesn't make your back ache worse.
I could always count on mom coming Fibrolief to my rescue like the time in Second Grade when I had a bit of an accident and needed a change of clothes. Magically, she appeared with fresh clothes, underwear (yes, it was that type of accident) and words of encouragement. I didn't know about the teacher to parent hot line back then, but my mom was called and responded as quickly as she could and rescued me.
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